Powershell Script Options Dialog

This dialog allows you to specify Powershell Script Options like used platform, digital signature setting or preferred launch folder.

Powershell Script Options Dialog

Execution options


  • x86 - runs the 32-bit PowerShell executable
  • x64 - runs the 64-bit PowerShell executable
  • Auto - runs the Operating System bitness PowerShell executable (32-bit on x86 operating systems, 64-bit on x64)

ImportantExecution of 64-bit scripts on x86 Operating Systems will cause a crash.

Preferred launch folder

Specify a folder from which the PowerShell script will be launched, formatted type.

NoteTemporary Folder will be used by default if at install time the above folder cannot be used.

Digitally sign the script

Use this option to digitally sign the PowerShell script.

NoteWhen there exists a GPO (Group Policy Object) restricting the execution of scripts, the digital certificate must be present in the Trusted Publishers in order for the script execution to succeed.