SCCM Destination Folder

On this page you must select a network location, that the System Center Configuration Manager server has access to, where you want to publish the selected packages.

Package source files location

Specify the UNC path of the location where the packages should be published. If this location is not accessible for the SCCM server the deployment will fail.


You have two options to authenticate with your SCCM server: using server credentials or your Windows credentials.

  • Server Authentication - selecting this method will require you to specify your User name and Password credentials, if you are publishing to an alternate file server that requires credentials.
  • Windows Authentication - in this case the default user name and password are used. The user context for the process provides the default user name.
  • SCCM Authentication - this option will result in using the authentication method and credentials specified for SCCM connection.

ImportantIf the user name is from a domain different from the current, the string should contain the domain name and user name separated by a backslash. E.g. domain\user

Command Line Switches

  • /ResourceServer - correspondent to UI option “Package source files location“.
  • /ResourceServerAuthentication - correspondent to UI option “Authentication“. It accepts only three values: 0 - Server Authentication, 1 - Windows Authentication and 2 - SCCM Authentication.
  • /ResourceServerUser - correspondent to UI option “User Name“. Required only if authentication type is set to “Server Authentication“.
  • /ResourceServerPassword - correspondent to UI option “Password“. Required only if authentication type is set to “Server Authentication“.

Example of commands:

/ResourceServer "\\server\shared\SccmRes\"
/ResourceServerAuthentication "0" /ResourceServerUser "caphyon" /ResourceServerPassword "caphyon"