Edit Column Properties Tab

In this tab, you can specify the column properties.

Table editor edit column props



Specify column name.

NoteYou cannot edit a column name if the column is marked as key and the table is referenced from another table.

Data Type

Choose what kind of data the column will hold:

  • String - Any kind of text or formatted reference.
  • Localizable string - Any kind of text or formatted reference. Also, the content is localizable.
  • Short integer - A number between -32768 and +32768.
  • Long integer - A number between -2147483647 and +2147483647.
  • Binary - Any type of binary data such as an image, executable code etc.
  • External key column - The key column of another table.

NoteYou cannot change the data type if the table contains rows unless a correct transformation can be made. Example "String" to "Localizable String"


The column size. The specified size is relevant only for "String" or "Localizable String" data type. A size of 0 translates to an unlimited number of characters.

External Key

This section is relevant when the "External key column" data type is specified.


Choose the table name that will be referenced.


The column that will be referenced. It will always be the key column.

ImportantTables that have the key composed of several columns cannot be referenced.

NoteIf the current table has rows you cannot modify the external key table and column.


Key Member

Specify if the column is part of the table key.

NoteYou cannot change the key flag if the current table is referenced from another table.


Specify if the column can be left null upon populating with rows.