Configure most common SQL Server connections

These tutorials will guide you in configuring the most used SQL connection types. Usually a connection to an SQL Server is needed in order to use scripts during your application install process or if it depends on certain database content and configuration.

In these tutorials we will focus only on the settings needed in order to successfully connect to an SQL Server and not to show any other functionality. The tutorials are structured in such a way to cover the most common servers:

  1. MS-SQL Server
  2. MySQL Server
  3. Oracle Database Server
  4. PostgreSQL Server

Usually, you want to allow the end-user to fill in all the SQL Server information during install time. In order to do this a new dialog must be inserted in the dialog chain, in which the information can be entered. You can create your own custom dialog or you can use Advanced Installer's predefined SQLConnectionDlg dialog. It is also possible to hard-code your SQL Server connection settings, but this is not recommended as the end-user will not be able to change the connection parameters during install.