Update Behavior

To launch the updater without configuring it from the command line, you can use one of the following predefined options. For more complex scenarios, please follow the Advanced Installer Updater article and learn all supported command line possibilities.

Check and prompt the user to install updates

The Updater is launched, pops up a dialog box, checks for updates and automatically informs the user that new updates are available. If no updates are available, the Updater will notify the user.

Use check frequency

If this option is disabled, the frequency check is skipped.

Minimal user interaction

If this option is enabled, the user interaction is minimized. The dialogs "Please Wait..." and "Error" will not be displayed.

Check and automatically install updates

The Updater will search for updates and automatically install all or only critical updates, depending on the combobox value. If the check frequency has not passed or there are no updates available, the Updater will exit immediately.

Other settings

Update check frequency

Set the new updates check frequency. This value is taken into consideration only when configuring the updater with /silent, /silentall and /silentcritical command line options.

User cannot disable automatic updates check

Prevents the user from disabling automatic updates check in the Configure dialog or in the dialog shown when performing a silent installation.

Install support service

Enabling this option prepares the package to support the installation of updates without elevation on restricted user accounts. This option handles the automatic addition, in the project, of the updater service in Services page and of a predefined custom action in InstallExecuteSequence table that configures the updater.

For a detailed explanation of all the steps required to complete the preparation of the updater for installations without elevation please read Install updates without elevation article.

Install only digital signed update packages signed with the same certificate as the Updater

Enable this option to secure the communication channel between the updater and the web server where the updates are stored.

For a detailed explanation of the mandatory rules that need to be kept, please read Installing only digitally signed updates article.