Languages Page

Declare languages for the resources that the package contains.

Adding a new language

Add languageUse the [ Add... ] toolbar button, context menu item or press the + key while the list is focused. The language picker dialog will be shown allowing you to select the supported languages.

The language picker dialog contains all languages an AppX package can support. The languages are divided into two groups, each marked with a different font in the picker:

  • Certification languages (black font) - languages that are supported when confirming the app meets the certification requirements. Your app must support at least one of these languages.
  • Allowable languages (light blue font) - Hidden by default, they can be shown by selecting the "Show allowable languages" checkbox. These are languages that can be supported but are not used as part of the certification process. Your app can support as many of these languages as you like, as long as it supports at least one of the certification languages.

Set default language

Default languageSelect a language in the list and use the [ Make Default ] toolbar button or context menu item. The default language is the first language specified in the manifest.

Removing a language

RemoveUse the [ Delete ] toolbar button, context menu item or press the Delete key while the list is focused.