File Settings in the Files and Folders Page - Windows Mobile Projects

Adding files

Add Files Use the [ Add Files... ] toolbar button, the “Add Files...” tree/list context menu item or press the + key while the files panel is focused. You can add more than one file at a time. If a file with the same name already exists in the target directory, the file to be added is skipped.

Setting file properties

Properties Use the [ Properties... ] toolbar button, the “Properties...” list context menu item, press the Enter key while a file is selected in the “Files” panel or double click it.

In the File Properties Tab - Windows Mobile CAB Projects dialog box you can mark the selected file for self-registration, change its source path, set its attributes.

Setting multiple files properties

PropertiesSelect the files whose properties you want to edit and use the [ Properties... ] toolbar button or the “Properties...” list context menu item.

In the Edit Multiple Files dialog box you can select flags and attributes for the selected files and add or remove them from configurations.

Opening files

Use the “Open” context menu item or press the F9 key while a file is selected.

Renaming files

Use the “Rename” context menu item or press the F2 key while a file is selected.

Moving files to a different folder

Select the items to be moved then drag and drop them to the target folder. If you press the SHIFT key while moving the file you will create a duplicate copy of the file.

Removing files

Remove Use the [ Delete ] toolbar button, the “Delete” tree/list context menu item, or press the Delete key while a file is selected.