SCCM Package Definition File

In this section you can specify if you want to create a package definition file. This file and the application package can be later deployed via Systems Management Server.

Build Package Definition File

If this checkbox is ticked a package definition file will be generated next to the application package. In the editbox from the right side you can specify the name of this file. This field is of PseudoFormatted Type and can be edited using Smart Edit Control.

TipIt is not required to write the file extension (*.sms) in this editbox as it will be automatically created.

Use Configuration

This combobox lets you select the SCCM configuration profile based on which the package definition file will be generated. It will list all the configuration profiles available.

Edit SCCM Configurations...

This button will open the SCCM Configurations dialog where you can create, modify or delete SCCM configuration profiles.

TipThe Extras tab appears only in Architect projects.