Edit Autorun Command Dialog

Edit Autorun Command

Display Text

Specify the localizable text that appears in the CD/DVD drive context menu. This field can be edited using the Smart Edit Control.

TipSuppose we have the command text: Rea&d Me First. The CD/DVD drive context menu will have a new item, “Read Me First” (with D as a hotkey) that launches Notepad with the file readme.txt loaded. The ampersand (&) character denotes the hotkey letter, which is underlined in the menu. If you use hotkeys, ensure that the letter you wish to use is not already assigned to a standard Windows context menu choice, such as Copy, Properties, and Rename. The first listed menu entry for any hotkey gets executed.

Command Target

Depending on the autorun command type chosen in this field, you can select an installation file or folder, a path to a custom user file or a URL.

ImportantFor a custom autorun command, if you want to open a file located on the CD/DVD, enter its path relative to the CD/DVD drive root. Enclose all file paths in quotes and supply any command line parameters inline.

NoteWhen choosing to launch an installed file, only key-member files can be selected.

Command Line

For executable installation files, you can specify command line parameters.

NoteWhen selecting an autorun command for launching the package installation, you can specify parameters for bootstrapper or Windows Installer.