Control Panel Applets Page

The Windows Control Panel is the ideal way to allow a user to alter settings for an application that runs in the background or automatically. For example, it is a good idea to control your service using a control panel applet.

In this page you can install a Control Panel applet that will launch an application or open a certain document or file.

NoteIf you use Digital Signature functionality to sign your package, the Control Panel applet will also be signed. The Control Panel applet will also have the appropriate UAC requested execution level information set to "As Invoker" for proper behavior under Windows Vista or above.

Control panel applets

Adding a new Control Panel Applet

New CPL Applet Use the [ New Applet ] toolbar button, the "New Applet" tree context menu item or press the Insert key while the "Control Panel Applets" panel is focused.

Deleting a Control Panel Applet

RemoveUse the [ Delete ] toolbar button, the “Delete” tree context menu item, or press the Delete key while an applet is selected.