Game Explorer Page

The Windows Game explorer provides for game developers a secure and attractive way to present their games to users in Windows Vista or above.

Game Explorer is exposed in the Windows Vista or above Start Menu as the Games folder and provides a central location for accessing games.

The Windows Game Explorer is a custom folder for the Windows shell that provides a rich presence for games. It offers:

  • Display of game title, description, version, release date, publisher, and developer information.
  • Display of general or region-specific "thumbnail" game box art image.
  • Display of minimum and recommended system performance ratings.
  • Display of game content ratings and descriptors.
  • Restriction of game play based on Parental Control settings.
  • Customizable context menus when a game is right-clicked on.
  • Unique settings for multiple installations on the same system.

You can read more about the benefits of integrating your game with Windows Games Explorer.

Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows Vista or above

A Windows XP to Windows Vista or above upgrade is a common scenario your game should support. In this scenario, a user installs your game on a Windows XP system, then upgrades to Windows Vista or above. The Advanced Installer Game Explorer configuration tool fully supports game registration on Windows XP, so that your game will automatically integrate with Windows Game Explorer shell when upgrading the OS.

Adding a new game

New GameUse the [ New Game ] toolbar button, the “New Game” context menu option or press the Insert key while the “Game Explorer” list is focused.

Renaming a game

Use the “Rename” context menu option or press the F2 key while a game is selected.

ImportantThis identifier will be the name of the generated GDF resource binary file. This file will be automatically generated for you by Advanced Installer based on the information you provide, and must reside in your game installation directory (APPDIR), next to your main executable game file.

TipYou should place the GDF resource binary file in the same component as your main executable game file. Only in this way you can properly condition the installation of your game.

Removing a game

Remove gameUse the [ Delete ] toolbar button, the “Delete” context menu option or press the Delete key while a game is selected.