"Edit Child Dialogs" Dialog

This dialog allows you to create a new child dialog. A child dialog is displayed within the Tab Host control when the user chooses its associated tab.

"Edit Child Dialogs" Dialog


Select the desired child dialog from the list.

NoteThis list will be populated only with the existing "spawn-able" unused dialogs (predefined or custom) which are supported inside a Tab Host control. A "spawn-able" dialog does not have the "Back" / "Next" buttons.

After creating a child dialog, it will be included as a Tab Host control's parent dialog child. You can reveal it by expanding the Tab Host control's parent dialog in the Install Sequence tree.

If a child dialog doesn't have its Title property defined, its name (Dialog Name property) will be used for its tab button text instead. By default a <NewDialog> will be named NewTabPageDialog in the Install Sequence tree.


Specify the visibility condition for the child dialog. Edit this field using Smart Condition Edit Control.