INI Location Properties


File Name

The INI file's name.


The section in the INI file which you want to find.


The INI file key which you want to find.


For multi-field values you can set the number of the field you want to find.


Specifies how to interpret the value found in that INI key: as a path to a file, a folder or raw data.


ImportantFor Merge Module projects the parent folder cannot be configured. The INI file will be searched only in the Windows folder.


The INI file parent folder path. Leave empty to search on all fixed drives on the target computer. This field is of Formatted Type and can be edited with Smart Edit Control.


This field specifies how deep within the folder's subdirectories to search.

ImportantIn case of Merge Module projects the following attributes can be made configurable at merge time:

  • FileName
  • Section
  • Key
  • Field
  • Type

TipFor more information about the resources and attributes that can be configured, please see: Configurable Merge Modules Page.