Folder Location Properties


This field contains the path from where to start the search and the folder to search for.

The following may apply to this type of search:

  • If no value is specified it will return the location of the [WindowsVolume] property.
  • If this field contains only the folder to search for and no search path, the search will return the location of the folder if it is present on the root of any local disk.


"Path" field value: [ProgramFilesFolder]MY_FOLDER will return:

1: C:\Program Files\MY_FOLDER\

This field is of Formatted Type and can be edited with Smart Edit Control.


This field specifies how deep within the folder's subdirectories to search.

ImportantIn case of Merge Module projects the following attributes can be made configurable at merge time:

  • Depth

TipFor more information about the resources and attributes that can be configured, please see: Configurable Merge Modules Page.