Software Launch Conditions Tab

Predefined conditions that must be fulfilled in order to launch the installation package.

Software launch conditions

ImportantThese launch conditions are per build, therefore they must be specified for each defined build. By default when a new build is created there are no launch conditions enabled for it. You can select the desired build in the toolbar builds combo. This option is enabled only if several build are defined.

The predefined launch conditions from Advanced Installer work in two ways:

  • minimum version check - your package will be installed if the select version or a higher one is found on the machine
  • fixed version check - your package will be installed only if that version which you select from the combo is installed on the target machine. No matter if a higher version exists or not.

All launch conditions that start with "Minimum" in the list below have as expected a minimum version check, all other launch conditions perform an exact version check.

Required Applications

Add software launch conditions to your package. The available options are:

Launch ConditionLatest Supported Version
Minimum IE versionInternet Explorer 11
Minimum IIS versionInternet Information Services 10.0
Minimum .NET Core version.NET Runtime 5.0
Minimum .NET Framework version.NET Framework 4.8
Minimum Adobe Reader versionAdobe Reader DC 2019
Minimum JRE versionJava Runtime Environment 10
Minimum JDK versionJava Development Kit 13
Minimum DirectX versionDirectX 12
Installed Office ApplicationOffice 2016+
Minimum XNA Framework versionXNA Framework 4.0
Minimum SQL Server Express versionSQL Server Express 2019
Minimum SQL Server Compact versionSQL Server Compact 4.0
Minimum SQL ODBC Driver versionSQL Driver 17 for SQL Server
Minimum ActiveSync / Windows Mobile Device Center versionWinodws Mobile Device Center 6.1
Installed VSTO RuntimeVisual Studio Tools for Office 4.0 Runtime
Installed Office 2003 PIA-
Installed Office 2007 PIA-
Installed Office 2010 PIA-
Installed Office Shared Interop AssemblyOffice 2010 Shared Interop Assembly
SharePoint FoundationMicrosoft SharePoint Server 2016
Minimum PowerShell versionPowerShell 7.1
Minimum Windows PowerShell versionWindows PowerShell 5.1
Run only if user has permissions for deploying SharePoint solutions-
Run only if Administration and Timer SharePoint services are started-
Run only if the packaged SharePoint solutions are not already deployed-