System Launch Conditions Tab

Predefined conditions that must be fulfilled in order to launch the installation package.

System launch conditions

ImportantThese launch conditions are per build, therefore they must be specified for each defined build. By default when a new build is created there are no launch conditions enabled for it. You can select the desired build in the toolbar builds combo. This option is enabled only if several build are defined.

Supported Operating Systems

Restricts the install package to run only on the selected Operating Systems. If the target operating system version is not equal with the accepted versions, the installation is aborted and an appropriate message is displayed.

ImportantInstallation packages created with Advanced Installer 10.5 or newer cannot be installed on Windows 9x machines.

Windows Installer

Minimum version

Edit this field with the minimum Windows Installer version required.

NoteThe installation packages created with Advanced Installer require Windows Installer 2.0 or higher to run.

System Requirements

Add system-related launch conditions to your package. The available options are:

  • Minimum Physical Memory
  • Minimum Screen Resolution
  • Minimum Color Quality
  • Run only if current user is an Admin account
  • Run only if an active AntiVirus product is found
  • Run only if an active Internet connection is found
  • Run only in Windows Azure virtual machine
  • Prevent running in virtual machines
  • Prevent running if pending system changes that require a reboot is detected
  • Prevent running on ARM64 devices

NoteThe "Prevent running on Virtual Machine" option only targets Virtual Box (Oracle), Hyper-V and VMWare virtual machines

ImportantIn Windows Vista and above, the "Run only if user has administrator privileges" launch condition verifies whether or not the package is elevated at the moment this is tested for. This means the user might be an administrator but the package did not yet elevate, meaning the launch condition will fail.


Set the package-related launch conditions.

  • Run package only from EXE bootstrapper, prevent running from MSI package