Register Font Command Option

Command Syntax

 /RegisterFont <target_file_path> -fontname <registration_name>

Set a font for auto-registration with Windows from the command line.

NoteThe font file must exists in the Files and Folders Page - Installer Project before issuing the command .


  • <target_file_path>
  • The full path which points to the font location in "Files and Folders" page. For the root folder its identifier must be used. For the rest of the folders creating the path location their names must be used instead
  • -fontname <registration_name>
  • The name under which the font will be registered under Windows

Example: /edit MyProject.aip
      /RegisterFont APPDIR\MyFolder\MyFont.ttf -fontname MyNewFontName

In the above example APPDIR is the identifier associated with the "Application Folder" directory. MyFolder is the actual name of the folder as seen in "Files and Folders" page and not its identifier.