Add Temporary File Command Option

Adds a temporary file to the project.

Command Syntax

/AddTempFile  <source_file_path>
          [-property <no_overwrite_condition>]
          [-cond <condition>]


  • <source_file_path>
  • The source file's path.
  • [-property <no_overwrite_condition>]
  • The name of the property associated with the temporary file. This property contains the file's extraction path.
  • [-cond <condition>]
  • This conditions the file's extraction and removal.
  • [-dontRemoveAtSetupEnd]
  • Mark the file not to be removed at the end of the installation.

NoteIf the added file already exists in the project, then its attributes are updated with the current specified ones.

Example: /edit MyProject.aip /AddTempFile C:\File.txt