Reset Synchronized Folder Command Option

Command Syntax

/ResetSync  <target_folder_path> [-clearcontent]

Resets a synchronized folder from the project. The files and folders that are added as the result of the synchronization process will not be deleted by default.


  • <target_folder_path>
  • The path pointing to the synchronized folder from the project.
  • For predefined folders from Files and Folders Page - Installer Project, Identifiers of the folders should be used instead of their names
  • If the target folder path contains two or more predefined folders, only the identifier of the parent predefined folder should be used. For example, if the synchronized folder is located in “Program Files\Common Files” you should use the following path : “CommonFilesFolder\SynFolder” in Target Folder Path field
  • [-clearcontent]
  • The files and folders created by the synchronization will be removed automatically.

Example: /edit MyProject.aip
    /ResetSync APPDIR\SynFolder -clearcontent