Repackager Command Line Interface

This article describes each repackager command line option. The command lines represent the Repackager's fields or other equivalent options.

Product Information

/ProductName - The name of the repackaged product.

/ProductVersion - The repackaged product's version.

/ProductCompany - The repackaged product's company name.

/ProductLanguage - The product language identifier (eg. 1033 for English-US)

Package Deployment

/SetupPath - The file path of the application setup which will be repackaged.

/SetupCmdLine - Command line which will be passed to the setup chosen to be repackaged.

System Snapshots

/SaveSnapshots - Save system snapshots on disk after installation capture is completed.

/PreSnapshot - Specify a file path to an existing saved system snapshot.

/NoiseScan - Perform a system noise scan without installing a package.

/NoiseFile - Specify a file path to an existing saved system noise recording.

Customize settings

/OutputPath - The output path for the repackaged solution.

/Profile - Specify a user profile to use for repackaging.

/ListProfiles - Displays a list with the available profiles.

/PromptAfterPreScan - Prompt and wait after first system scan.

/PromptBeforePostScan - Prompt and wait before second system scan.

/UiAutomation - Automate package installation. Leave this option unchecked if your installer requires special user input.


/NoUI - Repackager will run in console mode (no wizard).

/ForceX86 - Force the use of the 32-bit Repackager on 64-bit systems.

Usage example

<path_to_repackager>RepackagerCLI.exe/NoUI /SetupPath "C:\KIT\setup.exe" /Profile "Minimal" /ProductName "Your Product" /ProductCompany "Your Company"