Sequencing a Third-Party Application to App-V

ImportantThe following article uses options that are available starting with the Architect edition and project type.

The Advanced Repackager monitors and records installation and setup processes in a format that can be opened and edited in an Advanced Installer project. This tutorial will guide you to repackage an application then use the results to build an App-V package.

1. Start an "New App-V Package" project

If Advanced Installer is not currently running, launch it by double-clicking a desktop icon or selecting it from the "Start" menu. When the application starts, you will see a dialog where you can choose “Virtualization” > “New App-V Package” project type.

New App-V Package Project

2. Capture the installation

Follow the Repackager Wizard which will assist you to configure the capture.

3. Customize Project

After importing the installation capture results you should review the Advanced Installer project and adjust it to your deployment needs.

4. Build Project

BuildBuild the project and open the output folder to inspect the App-V package.

New App-V Package Project