Rules to create Unique Registration IDs

Unique Registration IDs are used throught the standard ISO 19770-2 for unique identification of the various involved entities. Their unicity should be assured without using a central registrar. Consequently, they are based on Internet domain names because for each Internet domain, its owner can be easily identified. As the ownership of an Internet domain can be changed, the first month of ownership is also included in identifier.

The structure of an Unique Registration ID is as follows:



Represents an Internet domain name written in inverse form. For example, the inverse form of the domain is com.advancedinstaller.


This date should be the first month in which the domain name was owned by the designated entity at 00:01 GMT of the first day of the month.


This is an optional component used to identify a department or a branch from a large enterprise. Characters used in suffix must be valid filename characters on every platform where the application will be installed.