Upgrade Action Tab

This page allows you to specify actions for your upgrade package.

Upgrade Action

Upgrade Action

Find and remove products

All the products that will be detected will be automatically removed. Note that their uninstallation is performed silently.

Detect only, placing the results in a property

The products will only be detected, but not removed. The detected products will be stored in the associated action property.

Upgrade features

Specify what features to remove from the detected upgrade. The features IDs should be separated by a comma (,). If this field is left blank all features will be removed.

ImportantIf you are using an EXE bootstrapper which contains the installation files and you only want to remove some features, you need to use the "Do not delete extracted MSI and CAB files" option in the Builds page's Configuration Settings Tab tab. Also, you should add the ProductVersion property to the "Extraction Location" field on the same tab.

This field is of Formatted Type and can be edited using Smart Edit Control. You can also use the [ ... ] button to select a feature from your project.

Result Property

In this field, you can specify the property that will contain the Product Codes of the packages found on the system. Windows Installer will find only the installed packages which use the Upgrade Code specified in the "Product Info" tab.


Enable Migrate Features action

The Migrate Feature action is used during upgrading and when installing a new application overwriting a related application. Migrate Feature reads the feature states in the existing application and then sets these feature states in the pending installation. The method is only useful when the new feature tree has not greatly changed from the original.

This option also applies to the features that are specified in the "Upgrade Features" field.

Continue installation upon failure to remove a product

Enables you to specify whether to stop or continue the installation if an upgrade cannot be removed.