Edit URI Rule Dialog

In this dialog you can edit or create a new content URI rule.

Win store app edit content uri rule


The URI to use in the rule. See RFC 3987 - Internationalized Resource Identifiers (IRIs) for details. It is unique per application and it is case sensitive.


Specify whether the rule is an inclusion or exclusion rule.

WinRT Access

Declares UWP (Windows Runtime) access from remote sites. This attribute gives control to a developer to specify the set of URIs that can access UWP APIs from their website. This attribute is not allowed if Type is set to exclude.

  • None - explicitly states that no UWP APIs will be exposed.
  • All - indicates all allowed UWP APIs will be available.
  • Allow for web only - indicates that only UWP APIs created by the developer and included inside the app package will be exposed.