File Options Tab

In this dialog, you set various options for a file.

File Options Dialog

Copy Options

Always overwrite file from target device

This option will automatically overwrite a file if it already exists on the target device.

Do not overwrite the target file if it is newer

The installer will check for the existing file and it will not overwrite it if is newer than the one you are installing.

Overwrite target file only if it exists

This option will install the file only if another instance of this file already exists on the device, by overwriting it.

Never overwrite target file

This option will never overwrite an existing file.

Install Options

Do not skip on error

If an error occurs when this file is copied this flag will enable the installer to stop the installation procedure.

Issue warning if a file is skipped because of an error

In case the installer fails to copy this file, the installation process will continue anyway but a warning message will be displayed.

Shared file

This flag will tell the installer that the file will be used by more than one application.


By selecting this option, the file is marked for self-registration.


Digitally sign the file

Specify whether you want to digitally sign the selected file by using the certificate you specified in the Digital Signature page.