Active Setup Command Dialog

In this dialog, you can configure the Active Setup command options.

Active Setup Command

NoteAll fields are of Formatted Type and can be edited using Smart Edit Control.



Specify the ID of the command. It is recommended to be a GUID due to its advantage of being unique.

Display Name

Specify the name to be displayed in the Active Setup user interface when running the command.

Stub Path

Specify the Stub Path. This represents a valid command line that will be executed by Active Setup.

NoteStud Path can also be a VBS script, a regsvr32.exe call, etc.


If specified, the component’s command will run only if the corresponding version in the user part is smaller or not present. Once run, the version number is copied to the user part.

ImportantThe version has four numbers and the separator that should be used is the comma. ( , ) E.g.: 1,2,3,4.
However, formatted references that resolve to values containing versions with point separator ( . ) can be used because, at build time, Advanced Installer automatically replaces the point separator with comma.


Specify the installation language of the component. The component is run if this exact string is not found in the user part.

Is Installed

Specify whether the component command will run once per user or it will not run at all.

ImportantPossible values : 1, 0. The default value is 1.


Specify an execution condition for the Active Setup command. Edit this field using Smart Condition Edit Control.