ActiveSync Application Group

Application Groups are used to collect one or more related mobile applications and to register them with the Windows CE Application Manager in one single step (this means there will be only one prompt asking whether to allow the installation on a cradled device). At install time, each Application Group corresponds to one of the Application Manager executable's invocations and thus each Group must contain at least one Application. If this requirement is not met, an error will be shown at build time.



The expression you enter in this field affects the installation of all mobile applications from this group. If the condition evaluates to FALSE, then no mobile applications from this group are registered with the Application Manager. If this condition evaluates to TRUE, then the installation of the mobile applications from this group (as well as other groups) depends on whether the first condition from the ActiveSync Global Settings page evaluates to TRUE. Edit this field using Smart Condition Edit Control.

The default condition for an Application Group is set to AI_CEAPPMGR_SEARCH AND (NOT Installed), which means that the mobile applications belonging to it are registered with the Application Manager only if the Application Manager executable has been found and if the MSI package is installing for the first time.

NoteThe predefined AI_CEAPPMGR_SEARCH Property is set to the Application Manager executable's full path, retrieved using a registry search.

Enable error reporting and informational messages

Select this option in order to launch the Application Manager executable "CEAppMgr.exe" with the /report switch. This will activate the debugging dialogs in the Application Manager and can be used for troubleshooting purposes.