ActiveSync Global Settings

The global settings from this page can be changed only when there is at least one Application Group defined. Otherwise, this page is not showed.

Run WinCE Application Manager to install mobile applications


This global condition affects the installation of all mobile applications you have defined. If the condition evaluates to FALSE, then no mobile applications are registered with the Application Manager. This is because the expression you enter in this field is used as an execution condition for the Advanced Installer predefined custom action that launches the Application Manager executable "CEAppMgr.exe".

If this condition evaluates to TRUE, then the installation of a particular mobile application is affected by the condition set for the Application Group it belongs to.

The default condition is set to AI_CEAPPMGR_SEARCH AND (NOT Installed), which means that the predefined AI custom action (which invokes "CEAppMgr.exe") is executed only if the Application Manager executable has been found and this is the MSI package's first-time installation.

NoteThe predefined AI_CEAPPMGR_SEARCH Property is set to the Application Manager executable's full path, retrieved using a registry search.

Run WinCE Application Manager to remove mobile applications


The expression you enter in this field is used as an execution condition for another Advanced Installer predefined custom action, which invokes the Application Manager executable without any parameters. This shows the Application Manager "Add/Remove Programs" dialog, from which the user can select the mobile applications to be removed.

The default condition AI_CEAPPMGR_SEARCH AND (REMOVE="ALL") ensures that the Application Manager executable is launched when the MSI package is uninstalled, provided that this executable exists. If however you do not want the Application Manager "Add/Remove Programs" dialog showed when the MSI package is uninstalled, enter an always-FALSE condition in this field, for instance 0.