App-V 4.x Tab



Select the folder where the App-V 4.x package will be created.

SFT Name

The name of SFT file. This is also the name of the .sprj and manifest files.


Root Folder

The directory from the target computer where the application will be seen as installed. This directory is mapped to the Application Folder from the Files and Folders.


Text describing the App-V 4.x package.

Server URL

The URL where the App-V 4.x application will be placed in order to be streamed to clients.


This combobox contains all the supported communication protocols.


This field contains the server's name from where the App-V 4.x package will be streamed.


The port used in the communication with the App-V 4.x server.

Path on Server

This field contains the directory, on the server, where the App-V 4.x package will be located.

Supported Operating Systems

Select if the application can be run on any operating system or only on specific operating systems.


If this option is selected, the App-V 4.x package will run on every operating system supported by Microsoft's App-V 4.x.

Only the following

When this option is selected, choose from the listbox, the desired Operating Systems on which you App-V 4.x package will run.


Compress package content

Enable this option in order to compress files from package using zlib compression.

Download from server all files from package at first use

Add all files in Feature Block 1 (FB1). Otherwise only EXEs and DLLs are added in FB1, the other files are added in FB2.

Generate MSI package for local deploy

Generate an MSI package containing all the App-V 4.x package files. This MSI will install all the files on the local system and will register the package with an App-V 4.x client. This options will overwrite the update URL with the installation folder's location.

Use server path for SFT.

The generated MSI will install the App-V 4.x application locally and will register the package with an App-V 4.x client. Using this option, the update URL will point to the specified server, from where all the updates will be downloaded.

Package Dependencies

A list of App-V 4.x packages that need to be loaded in the same virtual environment in order for this application to work correctly.


If a dependent package is specified as mandatory then the App-V 4.x application will not be started by App-V 4.x client if that cannot locate dependency.


A dependent package can be specified through its SFT file or through one of its its OSD file.

NoteIf SFT file is specified then its location on disk when application runs must remain the same as when it was added as dependency. Otherwise dependency package must be at URL specified in its OSD file.