Context Menu Properties

This page enables you to configure Windows Explorer context menu items for your packaged application. These items could be located in either the file, the folder or the background context menu.

ImportantA system reboot/restarting Explorer is required in order to display the shell extension.

Context Menu Properties

Windows 11 Context Menu

Check this option to enable Windows 11 Context Menu.

A Sparse Package is required to configure this option. It will be automatically generated and included into your setup package.

Caution!Digital signature is mandatory for this option. All Sparse Packages have to be digitally signed, thus the above Sparse Package will be signed with the digital signature configured in your project.

Note"Windows 11 Context Menu" option takes effect at install time only if the digital certificate used to signed the setup package is a trusted certificate on target machine (i.e. is installed in "Trusted Root Certification Authorities" certificates store). Otherwise its installation will be skipped.

Digital Signing with a Cloud Hosted Service

Advanced Installer extracts the Publisher name from the digital certificate specified in Digital Signatures page and includes that Publisher in the sparse package manifest. If the certificate used to digitally sign the package is hosted in the cloud this syncronization might slow the build process or fail silently.

You can manually specify the Publisher name and skip this automatic syncronization. Go to Properties page in your project and define a new property called SPARSE_PACKAGE_CN, then set its value to match the Publisher mentioned in your code signing certificate, following this template:

CN=YourCompany-sha2, OU=YourProductName, O=YourCompany,



Specify the name of the context menu item. Formatted type.


Select or specify the icon (a *.ico file) of the context menu item. Formatted type.



The type of the context menu is displayed in this field:

  • File
  • Folder
  • Background
  • Drive


Specify the command to be executed by the context menu item. Formatted type.