Custom Templates Projects

Custom TemplatesThis tab contains the projects you saved as templates in the past. It gives you the possibility to create a new project starting from these already created and customized templates. This is why the Start Page's “Custom Templates” tab will not be visible if no custom templates were created.

To create a custom template you can follow these steps:

  • Create a new project
  • Configure it the way you need, making sure it's a generic project
  • use the "File" -> "Save as Template..." menu to save the template project

By default, the template is added to the Advanced Installer Repository, and its physical location is the one defined in the Repository Manager.

After the template is created, it can be selected from the “Custom Templates” tab to create a new project. All information and settings in the template will be added to the new project, except for all the GUIDs which will be changed. This way, the resulted package will be seen as a completely different package compared to other packages created from the same template and the problems described in the "Save as Template" article will not be encountered.