Issues Pane

The Issues Pane is responsible for listing all the issues reported by Microsoft's ICE validation suite and Advanced Installer's own validation. It can also automatically fix some of the issues for you.


ICE validation suits run on your .msi and check it for inconsistencies and potential problems. Whatever issues they find will be reported here, in the Issues Pane, as either warnings or errors. You can read more about validation in our Package Validation article.

Automatic Fixes

Some issues have automatic fixes implemented for them. To apply an automatic fix:

  • Select the issue you wish to fix.
  • On the right side, carefully read the description of what the fix involves.
  • If you agree with the required changes, simply press "Fix it!" and the fix will be applied.
  • A notification will pop out containing an explanation of what the fix did to the project and, for some fixes, one or more links to the locations where the changes occurred. Notifications are available for later review in the Notifications pane.