References Pane

Throughout the project you may have items that you can not delete because they are needed in other places. When you try to delete such a file, folder or property you will be able to search for items that prevent it to be deleted.

References pane will display a list with the references of the item you tried to delete.

Go To Definition

To jump where the selected item from the list is created in the project use the [ Go To Definition ] context menu button or press the F8 key.

If the selected item can be displayed, the corresponding main page will be activated.

Go Back To Target Item

If you used the [ Go To Definition ] option or you have navigated thought the project pages you may want to go back where the target item is displayed. For that, use the [ Go Back To Target Item ] context menu button or press the F6 key.

Search References

You can search for the references of the selected item by using the [ Search References ] context menu button or press the F12 key.

NoteThe references found for the selected item will be added to the list.