Notes Pane

Sometimes, more than one developer is required to work on a project. Because of this it is hard to track all the changes and settings a developer adds to a project without proper support. Advanced Installer's Notes Pane helps you document every intricate detail of your project and thus improving the collaboration between developers.

TipIn order to use the Notes Pane a Professional license or higher is required. The pane is accessible from “View” menu by selecting "Info Panes -> Notes Pane" option.

The Notes view contains two panes:

Notes List Pane

This pane is located on the left side. It will display all the notes added under the currently selected page. Each page has a default note with the selected page name. Ex:Product Details if the Product Details Tab is selected. This node can not be deleted.

Add new note

For every resource (like prerequisites, files, file operations, custom actions, etc.) added into a project a note can be created. Select the desired resource and use the [ Add... ] button, “Add...” context menu option or press the Insert key while this pane is focused to create a new note for that resource.

ImportantNotes cannot be added for elements that represent views: folders, registry keys, etc. Also, notes can not be added for multiple resources selected at once.

Caution!Empty notes will not be saved. In order for a note to be saved, it must contain a comment.

Delete note

In order to delete an existing note, select it press the [ Remove... ] button, use the “Delete” context menu option or press the Delete key.

Navigate to resource

It is possible to navigate to the resource associated with the currently selected note by using the “Go to item” context menu option. Once this option is being used the resource will be selected.

Comments Pane

This pane is located on the right side of the view.

In order to add a comment first select the note from the "Note List Pane" and then write the desired information in right pane.

The behaviour of the pane differs based on the previous operations :

  • By default, when a page is viewed the default page note will be selected if no additional notes are declared for that page.
  • If a page has more notes defined for a page or if no note is selected from the "Notes List Pane" all notes available for that page will be displayed along with the comments written under each one. The information will be display using the following format: the name of the notes will be displayed using bold characters while the comments will be displayed below using regular characters.