Trial and Registration Page

TipThis feature is available only in an Enterprise or above license.

Trial and Registration feature allows your users to evaluate your product before purchasing. It also enables users to register after they have received a valid key. After the trial period expired, the user will be able to run your application only after registration.

Caution!Although Trial and Registration uses complex trial period protection methods and cryptographic secure registration keys algorithms, it doesn't provide any protection against application code cracking.


Trial and Registration main characteristics:

  • After the trial limit has been reached the application will run on the target machine only after user registration.
  • Registration keys are generated and validated using cryptographic secure algorithms based on RSA public-key signature.
  • Registered copies of your product revert to trial mode when copied on another machine.
  • The user is assisted in evaluating or registering your product by a modern Graphic User Interface.

Adding a new licensing configuration

New Trial Select the “Trial & Registration” list/tree element and use the [ New Trial ] toolbar button, context menu item or press the Insert key while the focus is on the “Configurations” panel to add a licensing configuration.

Binding two license configurations' settings

Select “New Synced Trial” from an existing license configuration's context menu. This will create a new identical license configuration child which will automatically inherit its settings from that point forward. Decollapsing the parent license configuration will reveal the newly created child in the list.

Unbinding a license configuration's settings

Any license configuration child can be easily desynchronized by selecting “Stop Syncing” from its context menu.

Removing a configuration

Remove Use the [ Delete ] toolbar button, the “Delete” tree/list context menu item, or press the Delete key to remove a configuration.

Removing trial information after testing a configuration

Use the “Testing > Remove Trial Info” tree/list context menu item, to remove the trial info from your development machine.

To remove all licensing entries.

  1. Uninstall the application.
  2. Login with the regular user account, open your Advanced Installer project and use the Remove Trial Info option.
  3. Login with the system account, open your Advanced Installer project and use the Remove Trial Info option.

Trial Options

The properties of a configuration can be set through the "Licensing" page's Settings pane.


User Interface options can be configured from the "Licensing" page's Display pane.


The settings regarding registration can be set through the Registration pane of the "Licensing" page.