ODBC page

There are three ODBC components you can add in this page: drivers, data sources and translators. The user interface is composed from the tree control on the left side where all the drivers, data source and translators from the project will be displayed and from the currently selected element's properties which are displayed on the right side.

ImportantThe information presented in this article can be applied in a similar fashion to ODBC page from Merge Module Project.

Odbc page

Adding a driver

Add ODBC Driver Use the [ Add Driver... ] toolbar button, the “Add Driver...” tree/list context menu item or press the + key while the tree control is focused.

Warning!When adding a driver, please make sure it corresponds with the server architecture it's designed for (x86 or x64). The driver's encoding must also be compatible with the server (UNICODE or ANSI).

Creating a new data source

New ODBC Data Source Use the [ New Data Source ] toolbar button, the “New Data Source” tree context menu item or press the Insert key while the tree control is focused.

Importing an existing data source

Import ODBC Data Source Use the [ Data Source ] toolbar button or the “Import Data Source” tree context menu item. You can import DSN files directly or DSNs registered on your development machine, listed in the Import Data Source Dialog.

Warning!Only the data source's name and attributes will be imported. You will need to set the ODBC driver yourself.

Adding a translator

Add ODBC Translator Use the [ Add Translator... ] toolbar button, the “Add Translator...” tree context menu item or press the * key while the tree control is focused.

Locating the attached component for a driver, data source or translator

Use the “Go To Component” tree context menu item or press the F8 key while an element from the tree control is selected. This command will activate the Organization page with the appropriate component selected in the left tree control.

Setting the Current Feature

Advanced Installer will create components for the added resources as necessary. These components will be added to the Current Feature. Use the drop-down list box in the toolbar to change the Current Feature.

TipYou can further manage the your package's organization in the Organization page.

NoteThis feature is not available for Merge Module projects. For more details see the Merge Module Organization page.