SharePoint Page

In this page you can add, remove of modify SharePoint solutions. One or multiple solutions can be added and each configured independently. For each solution you can specify deployment options, time and target.

All the settings that are available when using the SharePoint Solution dedicated wizard are also present in this page.


In this tree view you can add or delete SharePoint Solution installer builds.

Adding a SharePoint Solution

Add SolutionTo add an unpacked solution folder, use the [ Add solution from disk ] toolbar button or the Insert key.

Import SolutionTo import a packed solution, use the [ Import solution from .WSP file ] toolbar button or the Insert key.

Add WSP fileTo add an existing WSP file as is, use the [ Add WSP file ] toolbar button.

Deleting a SharePoint Solution

Delete SolutionTo remove a solution use the [ Delete ] toolbar button or press the Delete key while a solution is selected.