Service Configure Properties

A service Configure Operation allows you to modify the settings a service that is already installed or being installed by the current package.

Service Name

This field contains a string which represents the name of the service to be configured. This string can be localized and it can contain installer properties. You may choose a service to be installed from the combo box or you can enter the name of a service already installed on the target machine.

Attached Component

In this field you can specify the component which will contain the configure operation. You may choose it from the drop-down list box which contains all the package's components.

Configure On

Specifies when to change the service configuration. The following options can be combined to represent multiple operations:

  • Install - Configure during component's installation.
  • Uninstall - Configure during component's uninstallation.
  • Reinstall - Configure during component's reinstallation.

Setting To Change

In this section you can specify what change to make on the service configuration. The value to be changed can also be set through a property, click [ Property... ] button.

Important"Time delay of an auto-start service" is applied only on auto-start services or services installed by the package configured with Automatic Start Type from "Parameters" field in Service Properties page.

NoteThe specified change takes effect next time the system is started.