Add Auto Close Applications

Command Syntax

/UpdateAddAutoClose <update_name>
        -app_path <app_path>
        -window_prefix <window_prefix>
        -restart_commandline <restart_commandline>

Adds a new Auto Close Applications to an updates configuration project. Its equivalent UI option is the New button in the Auto Applications tab.


  • <update_name>
  • The unique identifier name of the update.
  • -app_path <app_path>
  • The path to the application to be closed.
  • -window_prefix <window_prefix>
  • The name of the top-level window of the application that must be closed.
  • -disable_restart
  • The application will not be restarted automatically.
  • -always_restart
  • The application will be restarted no matter what.
  • -restart_commandline <restart_commandline>
  • The parameters will be used to start the application after the update is installed.

Example /edit D:\MyUpdatesConfigurationProject.aip 
    /UpdateAddAutoClose MyUpdateName 
    -app_path "D:\Sideloading.msi" 
    -window_prefix "Sideloading App" 
    -restart_commandline "/qn"