Set Update Description Option

Command Syntax

/SetUpdateDescription <update>
        -type {Description|Feature|Enhancement|BugFix}
        -description <description>

Adds an update description. Its equivalent UI is the Release Notes Tab.


  • <update>
  • The unique identifier name of the update. In the GUI this is the name from the Organization tree in the Updates page from the Update Configuration Project.
  • -type {Description|Feature|Enhancement|BugFix}
  • Specifies the description type.
  • -description <description>
  • The description text.
  • -overwrite
  • The entire update description will be overwritten with the new one, i.e. all description texts set for this update are removed, only the new one remaining.

Example /edit MyUpdatesConfigurationProject.aip
    /SetUpdateDescription MyUpdateName
    -type Enhancement
    -description "This is an example enhancement description."