Set Update Configuration Properties

Command Syntax

/UpdateProperties <update_name>
        [-main_url <main_url>]
        [-mirror_url <mirror_url>]
        [-display_name <display_name>]
        [-display_category <display_category>]
        [-release_date <release_date>]

Set an update's properties. Its equivalent UI is the Update Properties Tab.


  • <update_name>
  • The unique identifier name of the update. In the GUI this is the name from the Organization tree in the Updates page from the Update Configuration Project.
  • <main_url>
  • The URL location from where the update file should be downloaded from.
  • -mirror_url <mirror_url>
  • The mirror URL location.
  • -display_name <display_name>
  • Name for the update displayed to the user.
  • -display_category <display_category>
  • Specify the category for this update.
  • -release_date <release_date>
  • The release date(d/m/yyyy) of the update.
  • -critical_update
  • Marks the update as critical.
  • -not_selected
  • The update will never be marked for installation unless its a dependency of another update which doesn't have this option enabled.
  • -unset
  • Used to unset specific flags.

Example /edit MyUpdatesConfigurationProject.aip
    /UpdateProperties MyUpdateName
    -main_url " Application.exe"
    -mirror_url " Application.exe"
    -release_date "18/10/2016"
    -display_name "Your Application"