New Update Option

Command Syntax

/NewUpdate  <file_path>
        -name <name>
        -display_name <display_name>
        -url <url>

Adds a new update to an updates configuration project. Its equivalent UI option is the [ New Update ] toolbar button or context menu item from Updates Page.


  • <file_path>
  • The installer file path of the new update.
  • -name <name>
  • The unique identifier name of the update. In the GUI this is the name from the Organization tree in the Updates page from the Update Configuration Project.
  • -display_name <display_name>
  • The display name of the new update.
  • -url <url>
  • The URL where the updates file should be downloaded from.

Example /edit MyUpdatesConfigurationProject.aip
    /NewUpdate C:\test.msi
    -name TestUpdate
    -display_name "Test Update"