Set Update Configuration Options

Command Syntax

NoteThe "SetInstallerProperties" command has been renamed to "UpdateInstaller".

/UpdateInstaller <update_name>
        -path <path>
        [-command_line <command_line>]
        [-prod_version <product_version>]

Set details in update installation packages. Its equivalent UI is the Update Installer Tab.


  • <update_name>
  • The unique identifier name of the update. In the GUI this is the name from the Organization tree in the Updates page from the Update Configuration Project.
  • -path <file_path>
  • Specify the location of the update file on the disk.
  • -command_line <command_line>
  • Command line parameters to be used when installing the update.
  • -prod_version <prod_version>
  • The product version number of the current patch or upgrade package.
  • -compute_md5
  • Specify whether you want to use the MD5 signature to check the update file integrity.
  • -install_silent
  • The update will be installed without user interface. This can be used for console applications.
  • -is_patch
  • This option will mark the update as a patch.
  • -no_cache
  • Deletes the downloaded update package file after installation.
  • -no_elevation
  • The update will be installed without UAC elevation. This functionality will apply only if the settings described in the How to handle updates without elevation particle are implemented.
  • -unset
  • Used to unset specific flags.

Example /edit MyUpdatesConfigurationProject.aip
    /UpdateInstaller MyUpdateName
    -path "D:\Repository\Work\Updates\MyUpdateName.msi"
    -command_line "/qn"