Edit Environment Variable Dialog - Installer Project

In this dialog you can edit the properties of a new environment variable or change the properties of an already existing one.

Edit Environment Variable dialog



The environment variable's name. You can localize this value.


The environment variable's content. This field is of Formatted Type and can be edited using Smart Edit Control. You can localize this value.


The component which will contain the environment variable. When this component is installed the environment variable is created. Also, the variable is removed when the component is uninstalled.

Adding and Removing

On Install

The following operations can be performed on an environment variable when the package is installed:

  • Create or update
  • Create only if it doesn't exist
  • Remove

Remove on uninstall

This checkbox will make the Windows Installer remove the environment variable when the package is uninstalled.

NoteDuring an uninstall Windows Installer will remove only what it added. If a value was appended to an existing environment variable, only that value will be removed (not the entire variable).

System variable

If the target Windows operating system is based on NT technology, enabling this option will set the environment variable as a system variable. If this option is disabled the variable is installed as a normal environment variable instead.

When Existing

If the variable already exists on the target machine, you can choose the way in which the existing variable's content modifies:

  • Replace
  • Append
  • Prepend

In the last two cases (append, prepend) you can choose the character that will be the separator between the existing value and new one.