IIS Application Pool Browse

Let the installing user view and select available Application Pools on IIS Server. Advanced Installer can automatically browse the IIS Server to discover all its Application Pools.

Iis application pool browse

UI Output

Advanced Installer can return the discovered available Application Pools either in dialog controls or in an installer property.

Display the result into a ListBox or CheckList control

Specify the installer property associated with a ListBox or CheckList control which will be populated with the available Application Pools.

Display the result into a ComboBox control

Specify the installer property associated with a ComboBox control which will be populated with the available Application Pools.

Put the result into a property

A flat, comma separated list of the available Application Pools will be dumped into the specified installer property.

Output text format

Configure what Application Pool information the user will view in the dialog control or how Application Pools will be enumerated in the flat property. Each item can include one (the pool name) or some of the following information in the output list:

  • Pool name
  • .NET Version
  • Pipeline Mode
  • Running State

Data Output

Assign installer properties to each Application Pool attribute you need to use elsewhere in the installation process. When a user selects an Application Pool, each of its attributes will be stored in their assigned properties.

Adding a new data output

Use the [ Add ] button on the right or the list control context menu.

Removing a data output

Use the [ Remove ] button on the right, the context menu or the Delete key while an element from the list control is focused.


IIS App Pool Browse can be triggered by scheduling the associated action in the Wizard Dialogs Stage or by directly invoking the action with a published/init event on a dialog.

Run in UI sequence

Enabling this option will trigger the IIS App Pool Browse operation when an associated custom action will be executed in the installation sequence. To configure the custom action in the Custom Actions Page, press the Scheduled Action link button.

Attached to an event

Enabling this option will trigger the IIS App Pool Browse operation when an event is published by a control on a dialog. To configure the event in the Dialog Editor Page, select the dialog and the control and press Control Event link button.

Execution privileges

Caution!Although the operation of listing the available App Pools on the IIS Server does not alter its configuration, for security reasons, the system does not allow accessing any IIS configuration properties without administrator privileges. Due to this security policy, the installing user must be a member of the Administrators group and, on Windows Vista or above, an UAC Elevation will be necessary in order to proceed.

Advanced Installer will automatically trigger the necessary UAC Elevation Prompt for the installing user, enabling temporary elevated privileges to execute the IIS browsing operation. This means there is no need to elevate the MSI execution beforehand (manually or by means of the EXE bootstrapper).

Uac shieldIf you have a button control which triggers the IIS Browse operation, you should set its Elevation Shield control property to True. This will make the OS (Vista, and above) show an elevation shield icon on the button when the installation runs, in order to warn the installing user that an elevation request is about to happen when the button is pressed.