IIS Server

Install and configure Web Sites and Virtual Directories on an IIS Server or add Web Deploy Packages to be published on local (IIS) or remote/cloud targets. The IIS configuration tool helps you rapidly deploy web applications on Microsoft Windows servers family running Internet Information Services (versions 5.0 and above).

Iis server

NoteIf you want to prevent a package containing IIS configurations from deploying on operating systems not listed above, use Software Launch Conditions Tab to set the proper install restrictions.

This Advanced Installer utility ensures a fast and uniform installation of your web applications on multiple servers, without having to worry about manually configuring the IIS on every machine through Microsoft Management Console.

Configuring The Global IIS Settings

In order to configure global IIS settings like: post install actions (backup metabase, open Microsoft Management Console for IIS), adding ISAPI filters or configure a global MIME map, select the “Global Settings” tree item from the left pane.

NoteThese options become available once you have added at least one Web Site or virtual directory.

Adding a new Application Pool

New Application PoolUse the [ New Application Pool ] toolbar button, the “New Application Pool” tree context menu item or press the * key while the “Web Sites, Virtual Directories” panel is focused.

Adding a new Web Site

New Web SiteUse the [ New Web Site ] toolbar button, the “New Web Site”tree context menu item or press the Insert key while the “Web Sites, Virtual Directories” panel is focused.

Adding a new Virtual Directory to a Web Site

New Web ApplicationUse the [ New Web Application ] toolbar button, the “New Web Application” tree context menu item or press the + key while the “Web Sites, Virtual Directories” panel is focused.

New Virtual DirectoryUse the [ New Virtual Directory ] toolbar button or the “New Virtual Directory” tree context menu item.

TipYou can create nested virtual directories by choosing “New Virtual Directory” when another virtual directory is selected in the tree. You can create as many child virtual directories as you like. A nested virtual directory "VDir_C" of the web site "MySite" can be addressed by the following URL: http://MySite/VDir_A/VDir_B/VDir_C

Adding a new Web Deploy Package

Add Web Deploy PackageUse the [ Add Web Deploy Package ] toolbar button or the “Add Web Deploy Package” tree context menu item.

Renaming Web Sites or Virtual Directories

Use the “Rename” tree context menu item or press the F2 key while an element in the left-side tree control is selected.

NoteWeb Site names and Virtual Directory names are of Formatted Type and can contain Windows Installer property references, which will be resolved at install time.

Deleting Web Sites or Virtual Directories

RemoveUse the [ Delete ] toolbar button, the “Delete” tree context menu item, or press the Delete key while an element from the “Web Sites, Virtual Directories” panel is selected.

NoteYou can use the Browse IIS Advanced Installer functionality to enumerate existing Web Sites, Virtual Directories and Web Applications, as well as Application Pools on the IIS server.

ImportantYou can configure any IIS entity by selecting the corresponding view from the Basic Settings top dropdown.