Java Product Localization

General details

The localization of a Java Product implies the translation of the names of the EXE launcher and INI configuration file, from the Files and Folders page.

NoteFor any language, the name of the launcher and that of the configuration file may differ but without modifying the extension.

Warning!The default extensions (.exe and .ini) must be preserved.

Mac OS X Java Application localization

Advanced Installer creates Mac OS X bundles with native multi language support so the resulted package will contain the translations for all languages.

The localizable items of a Mac OS X application are:

  • The display the name of the Java Product. Its value is defined by the name of the Java Product.
  • The caption of the default menu item created for the Java Product. This value is also defined by the java product's name.
  • The associated document types' description. You can localize this value from the ProgID Properties dialog.
  • The package's root directory display name. This is the Product Name property from the Product Details Tab page.