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Package with Bundled JRE

For Java Products, you can bundle a JRE into your installation at build time. If your installation package includes a JRE bundle, the installed Java Product will use the bundle over any JRE version installed on the target machine.

In order to bundle a JRE with your build use the [ Add JRE Bundle... ] button.

Java settings tab

NoteFor the Mac OS build, only Java Products using Oracle VM support JRE bundling. You can change the MacOS VM provider from Mac OS X settings Tab.

NoteFor the Mac OS build you can bundle only the JRE installed by the JDK. So you should first install the JDK on a Mac machine and then pick its installation folder when using the [ Add JRE Bundle... ] button.

ImportantWhen none of the Java Products, included in the Mac OS X build, is self-contained (all of its application files are added under Product Section) a JRE bundle cannot be included in the Mac OS X build.


Use Pack200 to compress the JAR files

Pack200 is a method to compress JAR files very efficiently. You can find more details on the Pack200 page.

Only from JRE bundle

You can use this option if you want to be packed using Pack200 only the JAR files from the JRE bundled with your application.

Verify JAR files signature before and after packing

When you are using this option, the JAR signature is verified not to be broken during packing. The files whose signature is broken will not be compressed with Pack200.

NoteThe Verify JAR signature option requires JDK installed on your development machine and the JDK installation folder to be specified in the External Tools settings.

Below there is a short video to visually discover this functionality:


  • JRE Bundle
    Specify the JRE version to be bundled with your application