INI Files in the Files and Folders Page

When adding an INI file to your package you have two options:

  • import it as a regular file (the file is treated like a normal file)
  • import it in Windows Installer format (if the file is imported this way you can use it in the INI editor)

An INI file will always use the encoding of an MSI, set in Configuration Settings Tab under Database Code Page section. From this tab it can be changed to UTF-8 if needed and thus, making both the MSI and INI files to use this encoding.

Creating new INI files

New INI FileUse the [ New INI File ] toolbar button or the “New INI File” tree/list context menu item. The filenames should have valid filename specific ASCII characters only. The INI File Editor - Edit INI File Dialog allows you to add, remove and change INI sections and keys.

Editing an existing INI file

Properties Use the [ Properties... ] toolbar button, the “Properties...” list context menu item, press the Enter key while an INI file is selected in the “Files” panel or double click on an INI file.

NoteINI files can be renamed, moved or removed just like regular Files.

ImportantIn case of Merge Module projects the following attributes can be made configurable at merge time:

  • Name
  • Key
  • Value

TipFor more information about the resources and attributes that can be configured, please see: Configurable Merge Modules Page.