.NET Native Image Dialog

In this dialog you can specify the way Native Image is generated.

.NET Native Image Dialog



Use this option to generate native images that can be used under a debugger.


Use this option to generate native images that can be used under a profiler.

No Dependencies

Use this option to generate the minimum number of native images required.



  • A native image same as the target platform - Generate native image only for .NET Framework with the same platform as the target machine.
  • 32-bit native image - Generate native image only for the .NET Framework's 32-bit version.
  • 64-bit native image - Generate native image only for the .NET Framework's 64-bit version.
  • 32-bit and 64-bit native images - Generate native image for both the 32-bit and the 64-bit .NET Framework versions.


  • Wait for this native image generation to continue - image generation occurs synchronously during the installation process. This is the highest priority level.
  • Immediate asynchronous generation - image generation begins during the installation process and is performed by the Native Image Service parallel to the installation.
  • Asynchronous generation - image generation begins after all images with immediate asynchronous priority have been generated.
  • Generate when the computer is idle - image generation occurs when the machine is idle.

Dependencies Location


Select this option if you don't have any dependencies or you want to let the generator use its default dependencies search mechanism.

Use the specified executable assembly's configuration

Since the generator needs to make the same decisions as the loader when binding to dependencies for DLL assemblies which are loaded via reflection, this field should indicate the application which will load this assembly.

Use specified folder as the application base

Folder used as the application base when locating dependencies.

Generator Version

Here you can specify the supported generator versions of this assembly by selecting one of the following available options:

  • Use the biggest version available on the target computer
  • Use only the specified comma separated versions

The assembly required version will be used in case no version is specified. When specifying a version use the full version string like: 2.0.50727

ImportantConfiguration file, Dependencies Base and No Dependencies options as well as Asynchronous or Idle generation priorities are supported by Native Image Generator (NGEN) starting with v2.0.